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Sun Book cover

Reborn the Book Series: Sun
Release Date November 11, 2021

Sun: Adam, embarks on a quest to uncover the origins of the mysterious complications that have haunted him since birth. As he delves deeper, he begins to suspect that his former best friend may be entangled in the root of these issues, driving him to search for answers. Simultaneously, Adam discovers that those closest to him are harboring significant secrets, leading him toward a divine confrontation. This pivotal moment forces him to confront his own destiny, ultimately compelling him to accept the path laid out before him.

Luck Book Cover

Reborn the Book Series: Luck
Release Date November 12, 2023

Luck: Michi embarks on a journey, uncovering the truth behind her family’s murder and awakening more of her latent powers. She encounters a mysterious stranger who ignites her curiosity. Delving deeper into discovering her involvement in the ongoing cosmic war, she learns that the enigmatic stranger is not what he appears to be.

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